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January 31st-February 2nd 2020 Anger, Shame Fear and Their Friends 

A Women's Retreat

A 3-days retreat on importance of difficult/shadow emotions and their lighter counter-parts (vulnerability, freedom, self-esteem).

With Deborah Allen & Sandra Pribanic


September 11th-13th 2020 Manitoulin Island

A Women's Retreat, Theme TBD

With Deborah Allen & Sandra Pribanic


January 29th-31st 2021 Family Constellations

A Women's Retreat

With Miyuki Yamamoto and Sandra Pribanic



Feb 1st-3rd 2019

Tools for the Journey - Deepening the Practice of Presence

A Women's Retreat exploring what happens when Mind-Heart-Belly become our true inner home; awakening the MInd-Sight that is Heart-Felt; moving from reactivity to authentic presence; strengthening resilience and encouraging a powerful inner life.

March 9th-10th 2019, Centar Snaga Namjere, Zagreb, Croatia

Love Maps and Biochemistry of Love

With Tihana-Ilic Prskalo ( and Sandra Pribanic

March 15th-17th 2019, GaiaYoga Zagreb, Croatia

Releasing Trauma: A Story of Psoas, Hips and Chest,-hips-and-chest.html

June 7th-9th 2019

Bad Girls, Wise Women: Light and Shadow of a Passionate Life

A Women's Retreat

With Deborah Allen ( and Sandra Pribanic

July 16th - 24th 2019 

Listening Skills and Mindfulness; Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto

October 4th-6th 2019


A Women's Retreat

Exploration of (un)conscious patters woven around the very core of who we are.


September 21st-23rd 2018, Collingwood

Love Maps & Biochemistry of Love. 

A Women's Retreat exploring: How the earliest experiences of love shape our lives today; How body-mind and self were “gathered”; The flow between Broken, Sensuous, Human, Transpersonal inner worlds; What serves us and what not: how our understanding of what was available early on shapes our capacity to repair, change, forgive, and ultimately create a new love map.

July 13th-15th 2018, GaiaYoga Zagreb, Croatia

Energy and Mindfulness Toolbox

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July 14th - August 3rd 2018 Listening Skills and Mindfulness; Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto

March 27-27th 2018

I AM AWAKE... A Women's Retreat

Using tools from the energy work toolbox to strengthen our capacity for resilience and encourage a powerful inner life.

With Deborah Allen ( and Sandra Pribanic


November 27th 2017

6:00 -7:30pm

With Sandra Pribanic & Janice Vanderwood

Higher Health Naturopathic Centre & IV Lounge

August 3rd -6th 2017

Listening Skills and Mindfulness; Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto

April 29th 2017

Longings & Desires

Higher Health Naturopathic Centre & IV Lounge

April 8th 2017

Emotional Flow

Higher Health Naturopathic Centre & IV Lounge

March 4th 2017

Mindfulness Workshop: Find Your Center

Higher Health Naturopathic Centre & IV Lounge

Mindfulness for Couples

Learn about your own internal story, how to observe it with more curiosity, calm, and without getting wrapped up in it. Your partner will learn that, too. Learn how to stay engaged during a conflict, experience faster recovery, and how to disarm those triggers all together!

Come for an evening that will engage your self-awareness, other-awareness, curiosity and fun.

Contact Sandra to register


Imago Connects

Already interested in Imago and have some friends and family that you’d like to get introduced to Imago but not sure how to do it?

Want to “polish” your Imago-skills, or interested in taking your relationship to the next level?

Thinking about Getting the Love You Want couples workshop and would like a little taste of what to expect?

Want to better understand relationship patterns and dynamics?

Join Sandra for a 2h introduction to Imago Therapy & Theory.

Contact Sandra to register.



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