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September 20-24th 2023

Northern Edge Algonquin, ON, Canada

International Women's Gathering

Facilitated by Deborah Allen, Sandra Pribanic & Miyuki Yamamoto. 


Three Women.

Three Countries.

One Circle.

One lineage – the longing to be in alignment

with The Great Love.

“Come to the Edge.”
“We Can’t. We are afraid.”
“Come to the Edge.”
“We can’t. We will fall.”“
Come to the Edge”
And they came. And they were pushed.
And they flew.


Dear Women of our Tribe,

Thank you for responding to our invitation

to this soul journey. For the second meeting,

we circle up on the Canadian land...

We are committed to cultivate resilience

and nurture our connection with the earth,

with ourselves and with each other.

We can't wait to be in the circle with you!


All photos are property of Northern Edge Algonquin

For more information and to register, contact Sandra


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