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November 9-16th 2024

Kumamoto, Japan

International Women's Gathering

Facilitated by Deborah Allen, Sandra Pribanic & Miyuki Yamamoto. 

Some of you joined us at Mt. Madonna in California.

Some of you joined us at Northern Edge Algonqiun,

Canada. You are a part of our thread:

3 countries, 3 women and one circle.

Now it is time for us to be together in the 3rd country,



If this is your first time, come and join us! We welcome

you with our whole heart.

Our longing to stay connected with ourselves,

with each other, with the land and with our deep roots

will guide our way to return to the East.


The volcanic mountain range of Aso is powerful.

It is waiting for us to be in touch with the sacred wisdom. 


For more info & to register,

contact Sandra

416 833 1205

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