November 3rd-6th 2022

Mt. Madonna Center, Watsonville, California

Fire Over Water
International Women's Gathering

Facilitated by Deborah Allen, Sandra Pribanic & Miyuki Yamamoto. 

fire water.jpeg

Three Women.

Three Countries.

One Circle.

One lineage – the longing to be in alignment

with The Great Love.

In our reckoning with Fire, we can feel the hearth, warmth, safety, sacred flame, ritual, cleansing. It also burns and transforms. Without Water, we have no Life at all. How can we deepen our awareness of our connection to water (70% of the human body to start) to ride the expanding and contracting rhythms that seem to move faster and faster?

Dear Women of our Tribe,

Join us at the top of the redwood forest, 

finally in person, to gather and mend!


November 3rd 4pm - November 6th 1pm

Registration fee is US$850

Room and board choices at Mt. Madonna

range from camping to double & triple

rooms at their beautiful campus in the

redwoods. Cost ranges from $78-$155

for per night room and board.

Once you register, we will help you make

those reservations.


For more information and to register, contact Sandra